Delicious Food for your Super Bowl Party

Delicious Food for your Super Bowl Party

What is the most important thing for a successful Super Bowl party? Some might say it is a great game, others say it is the commercials. At Cafe Dolce Vita, we believe a great Super Bowl party is made by having great food! The amount of food consumed on Super Bowl day is actually ranked as the second most after Thanksgiving, so having great tasting, quality food that people enjoy is crucial.

Hosting a Super Bowl party may be fun, but it can get overwhelming. You want to watch the game, but you also need to get out the next snack or dish for everyone to eat. You may miss the big play. Nobody wants to do that. You can try prepping food yourself before gametime, but that can be timely and the recipe may not come out like you had planned. With food from Cafe Dolce Vita, we guarantee your friends and family will enjoy the game even more! And you will be able to focus on the game instead of preparing the food.

At Cafe Dolce Vita, we have tons of items ready for gameday! From signature Italian cuisine like Chicken Francese and Rigatoni Alla Vodka to great tasting specialty pizza such as our Taco Pie and Buffalo Chicken Pie,  we have something that everyone can enjoy during the Super Bowl!     When we say something for everyone, we mean it! Prefer to serve sandwiches? No problem! Our wide variety of heroes taste great and are easy to eat so you can still enjoy the game. Does someone at your party have a gluten allergy? Our gluten free options will make sure no one is excluded!

If you are looking to enjoy your Super Bowl party without the hassle of putting the food together, Cafe Dolce Vita is your destination for your party planning! ! From appetizers to heroes to quality Italian Cuisine, our assortment of party packages will be a hit for the big game!

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