The 4 Best Ways to Reheat Pizza

The 4 Best Ways to Reheat Pizza

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you have dealt with leftover pizza from your nearest pizza place. For those of us that love it cold, this is a dream come true. However, for the people that like their pizza hot, reheating it can often be a challenge. So what are the best ways to reheat pizza? Here are four suggestions from your team at Cafe Dolce Vita!

  1. Microwave- Are you in a hurry? Because the microwave may be the answer for you! Typically, microwaving your pizza will leave it soggy and with a chewy crust. Not exactly what you want. One trick? Leave a glass of water in the microwave with your pizza. (Yes, we’re serious!) By doing this your slices will retain a firm crust and its gooey cheese will be just like when you originally ordered it!
  2. Oven- If you’re super hungry, you might want to consider using the oven. Arguably your most efficient option in terms of the amount of slices you can reheat, start by preheating your oven to 450°F. While its heating up, grab a baking tray and line it with aluminum foil. Next place the pizza on the tray and put it in the oven for 10 minutes, or until you see the cheese bubbling and your crust nice and toasty. Viola!  It’s eating time!
  3. Toaster Oven– When you are only heating up a couple of slices, consider using a toaster oven.  Popping your pizza in the toaster is a quick way of ensuring all that melty goodness of your cheese, while firming and crisping your crust. We definitely recommend trying it!
  4. Pan- Our last trick is using a pan (preferably an iron skillet). Simply begin by heating your slice in a pan until the crust begins to get crunchier. Next ,add a few drops of water away from your slice and cover the pan until your cheese begins to melt. Couple of minutes of later, dig in, because it’s time to eat!

Cafe Dolce Vita- Deer Park/Jericho
So there you have it! Four great ways to optimally reheat your pizza! Now the next time you’re yearning for some leftovers, you can confidently reheat it back to perfection!
Which method is your favorite to reheat everyone’s favorite food?!


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